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Out Now - 'The Ultimate Gardener's Quiz Book'

The ideal Christmas stocking filler for green fingered friends and family phytophiles.

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Sixty, themed fun quizzes from 'The Serious Gardener' through 'The Edible Garden' to 'Plants in Culture', with hundreds of questions to challenge keen horticulturists and to amuse everyone.

What colour does the Latin term 'alba' indicate?

In which English county would you find 'The Lost Gardens of Heligan'?

In the 1960's, which 'herb' had a top ten hit with 'Spanish Flea'?

Which one word links flower arranger's foam with the Gallagher brothers?

In which sport are you most likely to 'nutmeg' an opponent?

In each quiz, carefully constructed multiple-choice questions give everyone the chance to get at least a few right whilst open questions test whether you really know your allium cepa.

The author, George Bethell, is a very experienced quiz setter... and a very amateur gardener.


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